Apple iPhone: How to Permanently Delete Apps | Uninstall apps from iPhone

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hey guys in today's video I'm gonna

teach you how you guys can delete any

app okay fully uninstall it so if you go

into any app for example hold your

finger on it lightly so you guys see

this wiggling then you guys see an X on

the side just tap on it it's gonna tell

you this information this is very

important when you guys want to do is

delete everything right so you guys have

to press delete okay there's some other

apps also they give you a little more

information so all the data everything

from that it's not gonna occupy any

storage on your phone anymore once you

guys do this Android's it's a little bit

different so iphones this is all you

guys have to do and that's it

there's some apps that you guys will see

that you can't do that okay so for

example I hold on it

clock for example that's a default app

that I cannot delete ok so there's some

default apps that will wiggle sure

because that makes you want to do this

okay so you guys can move them around

however you guys can't delete them so

what usually people do is put them in

the folder so they're hidden so right

now here it is in the folder tin other

people what they do is they go right to

the last they make one more screen and

that way they hide them all there and

that's it that's how you guys delete

apps that's it for this video if you

guys have any questions comments you can

write them down here with them come to

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thank you