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Wow this is





in the middle of fortune head are you

kidding me talk wait I want $100 head

here $100 dude there's no way here there

is no [ __ ] way are you [ __ ]

kidding me I tell you right now if

viscous you know somehow banned me or

something though I'll tell you right now

I'm gonna be going to the bank tomorrow

and every single transaction is getting

[ __ ] disputed that I've ever [ __ ]

paid in this website which is probably

over 3000 dollars okay so they better

hope they didn't [ __ ] ban me here now

I'm gonna get really [ __ ] pissed give

me a [ __ ] phone number to call right


Canada call me

hey hey man you know what there's no

[ __ ] way here we hey you guys all

witnessed it I was in the middle of a

$100 hand I want my hand refunded too

actually you know what I want another

$100 on top of that since yeah yeah

inconvenience my [ __ ] stream oh this

actually is a today casinos number okay

cool all right we're making a phone call

thank you for calling ADA calls

may be recorded for service quality

assurance hey come on it your music

[ __ ] sock stick we're not listening

thanks for contacting a today speaking

today how can I help

how's it going buddy pretty good well

you see I was just uh just playing some

blackjack right and I was winning a lot

of cash okay a lot of cash Darrell and

then I go on my I go in I'm playing a

$100 hand Darrell okay and it says your

account has been temporarily disabled or

an immediate assistance please refer to

our support otherwise check your email

I'm not sure I can check that out for

you Thank You mr. Ford ID number the

port ID number all right my user name


it's a exposed exposed life all right XP

osed life that XP OS e BL IV that's

correct there oh that's really correct

sorry buddy I'm really I'm really tense

very down man [ __ ] Mathias is is this

for an account in New Jersey no oh the

world you've contacted alienate within

New Jersey a casino calm all right just

get me somewhere where I can get some

help all right Darrell it's so far man

you've been useless I'm not gonna lie

man all right


are you sure Dara not gonna leave into

like Wendy's or something man it's gonna

be ate at a casino in Canada have you

saying that is correct

all right every self a great day buddy

Oh Deb let's go and yeah have a good

night all right buddy all right then I

hope we get this all sorted out all

right thank you just freak it out

Malcolm sir you know me you know I

played 100 all her hand boy you know I'm

[ __ ] I'm [ __ ] playing awesome you

know I'm up like seven or eight dollars

and all of a sudden these little [ __ ]

just sorry I got scammed or something


there's our [ __ ] freaking out man no

no I think it did I think it shocked me

do you see what just yeah just you know

breathe a little

it's probably an issue with the security

department they they won't have you

started in less than the time perfect

man I'm really losing my [ __ ] here all

right thanks Tara have a good one all

right you're welcome

what Devils Go Go devil go

are you sure dear

I'm gonna leave me like when these

yourself man

come on man every cell


yes I checked my email guys I have


it says nothing about exposed life it

says this is the operation team at 888

sport to see