How to delete gmail messages in bulk

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hi friends this is Goldie again and in

today's video I will show you how we can

delete thousands of messages at once in

T mail somebody just asked me this on


so I thought maybe creating a quick

video and this might be helpful to

others so let's say if you have

thousands or hundreds of messages and

you haven't read from some time and now

up instead of just going one by one or

maybe 50 by 50 you would like to delete

all of your unread email at once so

let's see how we can do it so once you

are in your Gmail first thing which you

should do is in the search bar just type

a filter to filter down all the unread

messages and for that you will type is

is and unread that's and you will see it

here so once you put this filter Gmail

will show you that you have these many

messages which are Android and

surprisingly it's 62,000 in my case so

what I'm going to do is I will just

click to select all of them by default

Gmail will pick 100 because that's what

we have configured that on one page we

can see hundred we can change it in the

general settings but still maximum is

250 I guess so now instead of just going

with hundred I would like to go with all


so I will click on this link which says

select all conversations that match this

search once I click on that it says they

are selected and now let's do the blasts

just click on this delete one just to

make sure Gmail wants to check that you

know what you're doing which I do so

I'll click OK and now 62,000 messages

will be deleted with Google's power at

the back end maybe in a few seconds so

that's how you can delete hundreds and

thousands of messages at once one quick

thing here when you delete these


by default they will go to your trash

folder or trash label and then they will

stay there for 30 days so in case if

you're very sure once they're deleted

from here go to your trash and from

trash just empty the trash and then

these messages will be permanently

deleted I will just pause this video and

resume it once they are deleted so after

waiting for a few seconds I actually

took a bit long not the seconds but

maybe 2 to 3 minutes and that sag is

good enough that's acceptable because I

had our own 63,000 messages so all of

them are now deleted in a and if I now

go to my trash in trash you see I have

like 63,000 messages and I can simply

click on empty the trash and it's going

to do the blast for me deleting all the

messages at once and then onwards my

mailbox will be so light so that's how

you delete a whole your hundreds and

thousands of messages at a couple of

clicks hope it was helpful if you have

any questions feel free to put your

comments and I would be happy to help

thank you so much