How to delete apps on 3ds

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hey guys this is Sam here and this is

how you delete the apps that you

download from the Nita Lowey shop on a

3ds first turn it on go to system



and what you want to do is go to data

management data management then you're

gonna want to click 3d s then you see

all these you go to software now I

downloaded horrible night demo and Sonic

transform demo this is how you get more

Glocks or apps download faster they just

get to see those numbers on the center

how many blocks it used so if I want to

down the sonic transformed or click on

it and click delete

you'd delete it it would be one and

there you go you got more blocks and at

the top here it shows you how many

blocks you have I believe then I'm just

going to delete hormone a whatever it's

called well guys thanks for watching

like the video I hope this helped you

bye bye