How To Delete Old Emails In Gmail In Bulk - Delete Multiple Emails At Once

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hello glamorizes and welcome to another

video tutorial of glam up your business

this time we're talking all things email

I'm going to show you in Gmail how you

can delete emails in bulk and how to

utilize the labels feature so that you

can keep your inbox glammed up organized

and well put together so the first thing

is that you want to do is you want to

open up your Gmail account I do want to

say as a point of disclosure is before

you try to delete or do any sort of bulk

deletion is to review all of your

inboxes to ensure that you're not

deleting items that you actually want to

keep this is very specific also for the

promotion's folder if you guys don't

know in Gmail they categorize your inbox

as primary which is kind of just a

default inbox it's usually what you see

when you first open up the application

then there's a social folder the social

folder would be anything like Twitter

Meetup Instagram any type of social

media account its usually filtered in

this area and then you have the

promotion's folder which is obviously

advertisements but sometimes Gmail does

filter important emails in the

promotions folder and before I get

started I just want to quickly show you

guys how you can actually move a email

that's in a folder to another folder so

let's say I want it to keep this email

and I want it to go into my inbox what

you can do is you can click there's a

button where it says move - it actually

has like a little folder with an arrow

you can click that and if you select one

of the labels which I'm going to show

you how to create later on it'll

automatically move that into the inbox

folder so just a quick note alright so

moving forward to how to delete emails

in bulk so the first thing is is that

you want to click the Select All button

the Select All button is found on the

left hand side right next to the archive

button and essentially when you press

this option it's going to select the

first 50 emails that are displays

displayed in your view another note

another thing to know is that you need

to make sure that you're doing

on a desktop this is the way to do bulk

deletion so it's going to select the

first 50 emails but if you guys notice

here on the right hand side it says that

I have 89 emails in totality in this

inbox so what you want to do is you're

going to select right under the select

all button there's a Burbidge that reads

all 50 conversations on this page are

selected select all 89 conversations and

promotions and when you click that what

Gmail is going to do is going to select

all of the emails in your Inbox this may

look different for you for example when

I first did this I had over 40,000

emails I know super crazy but it

basically selects all the emails and

therefore when you click the delete

button you're going to be able to

confirm the bulk action and it's going

to reconfirm that you want to delete all

these emails and then you're just going

to press ok it's going to take a little

bit of time to delete the emails so I

normally would recommend to you know

give it a few minutes especially if you

have more than a hundred emails it may

take longer I think for me with the 40k

that I had it took about like maybe five

or ten minutes or so so just a quick

note and that's it now all of my emails

are deleted from our promotions folder

and I can move on to other inboxes right

so I'm gonna do the same for social

because honestly I don't look at

anything that falls into this category

sometimes I kind of do read certain

notifications from Twitter but again

we're going to click the Select All

button in this inbox I have a thousand

two hundred and ninety four emails right

so what I'm gonna do is again I'm going

to select all 1295 emails and then I'm

going to click the delete option Gmail

will prompt you to confirm the bulk

action that is about to occur that is

about to occur and then you're going to

click OK so again give it a few minutes

it's going to take a little bit of time

but what I want to show you guys next is

how to use labels to keep your inbox

organize so the first thing is you're

going to go to your left pane like I

said it is going to take a little bit of

time for Gmail to delete the social

inbox so we're just going to move

forward with the labeling and then

you're going to scroll all the way down

after you oh so in the sorry guys I'm

going to probably a little bit too fast

so on your left hand side you should see

a section that says more you know just

go all the way down until you find the

create new label option in this area you

just want to make sure that you put some

sort of symbol at the beginning of the

label title I like to use an asterisk

because I noticed that when you put

symbols it'll bring those label those

label categories all the way up so then

you're going to write out what you want

the label to be I have utilized the

action required option required

responded whatever you want to organize

your emails whatever is easiest for you

in terms of verbiage that you're gonna

remember okay this is the type of

verbage that i'm going to use for all of

my emails that i need to review right

and maybe it's you know action required

right like maybe this is all the emails

that you need to take some sort of step

or response you're going to put action

required and then you're going to click


or let's write to do all right you click

create and then when you go on the left

hand side again you're going to see here

that the now the label is up at the top

right and then if you want to give the

label a certain type of color let's say

it's red you can do that I can go into

my inbox and basically select an email

and now that label option is going to be

available and you can mark it as action

required I already have a few label set

up so let's say that I completed

whatever action I had to do for this

email I can just mark respond and

completed so I hope this makes sense I

know guys it was a little bit rush I am

trying to keep these tutorials to 5

minutes or less but if you have

questions just drop them in the comment

section of this video and I'd be happy

to help