How to Delete Undeletable Files & Folders in Windows 10/8/7 (No Software)

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hey guys hope you're doing well I'm mg

in this video I'll show you how to

delete undeletable file and folder in

Windows PC I'm not going to use any

software or any app you can easily

delete by command prompt so I want to

delete this folder on the desktop my

work okay so all right click on the

start and then click on command prompt

here in to type a simple code okay the

core is series forward slash space /d

now copy the file location just right

click on your folder or file then go to

property here simply copy this location

okay copy and then close this and test

here you die space and press Enter

that's it

now type DRI

in space polish /x and hit enter here

find your dutch name here you can see my

work / 1 so here type the name to remove

this folder just type our MDR I space

bar / Q is space for Alice as his face

not here type my work here you can see

directory my work you need to tap this

one my work - 1 and now when I hit enter

this folder will not only delete let's


boom it's gone I think I think the

folder is gone so these are easiest way

to delete and delete the dutiable folder

and file in windows with if you are

getting error like this one

the folder in use Deadspin a simple

thing is your fault folder our file in

use is open in your PC so just close the

file and folder and then try to do this

it will tell it is not a major problem

so I hope you got it thanks for watching

see you next video please like share and

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