Great Lakes Student Loan Servicing: The Least Bad of the Unfortunate Options | Student Loan Planner

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We did a survey of hundreds of readers who have

used Great Lakes for their student loan servicing needs, and we determined that they were the top ranked loan servicer

of any of the options. Now, that's not to say that that means they're fantastic. They rated

3.8 out of 5 stars. That's definitely not a restaurant

you'd probably visit. But, given your other

alternatives, Great Lakes Student Loan Servicing is

probably one of the best choices available, if you have an option as to where you would want to send your student loans.

People generally gave Great Lakes good reviews on their student loan portal and their website.

If you're wondering "am I crazy right now?"

it's because you should see some of the other websites by comparison.

The customer service at Great Lakes gets decent reviews.

The reps are described as helpful. They care. They try to get your needs processed in a timely fashion.

That's certainly some sentiments that we haven't heard for other loan servicers. In terms of improvement areas for Great Lakes,

they have been known to give out wrong information to people. Sometimes when the reps try to give you different

ideas or different information about your loans, they'll tell you something that's just flat-out incorrect.

And, you know, they will also sign you up for the wrong repayment program sometime just by making an accident.

So, Great Lakes is a good processor, all things considered,

but again, they're still not there to give you student loan advice and to give you the best path available for your situation.

They're not paid for that. They maybe make,

maybe you know, something like twenty to fifty dollars

per borrower per year or something like that. It's a very small amount.