Buying a House with Student Loans (Even High Student Loan Debt)

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hi this is Shahid a hill the real real

tour getting you over the hill to home

ownership so I went into the archives my

college memory box for this video

because I said I was going to give you a

video all about student loans and how

student loans affect your ability to

qualify for a home and this is very

important because I had several people

call me try to get pre-qualified and

their student loan debt is at least

delaying them for now from getting

pre-qualified so I wanted to talk to you

in detail about how student loans are

calculated into your overall debt to

income ratio so please if you haven't

already please like and subscribe to my

channel for new videos every week so I

started out at least at a private

college and this is the first we want to

prop this sweatshirt out but because