Before You Defer Your Student Loans, Watch This

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- Welcome to another episode of

The Rachel Cruze Show at home edition.

Thank you to Amelia Jane and sweet little Caroline.

They're just the best little artists. So great.

All right, so this video,

we're gonna talk about your deferred student loan payments.

Yes, old Sallie Mae.

You know, paying for that school degree

hopefully you're using.

But during this time,

it was . . . Obviously, it's been insane

with the pandemic and everything going on.

A lot of industries

were actually giving some forbearance, or deferment,

or even complete forgiveness

when it came to people's debts

and payments and bills.

And so, a lot of you took advantage of that,

and a lot of you started deferring

your student loan payments.

But let's break down what this is.