Defer Your Student Loans: How Long Can You Do It? | Student Loan Planner

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so can you defer your student loans for

basically like forever if you know the

rules that I'm gonna show you you might

think that the answer is yes so we're

gonna go over six different kinds of

deferment for student loans and we're

gonna talk about how long you could use

each to put off your payments and we're

gonna talk about why you know if you

really understood these rules maybe you

would never want to make the payment

again I don't know some of these things

when you defer your students or things

that you really hope doesn't happen to

you some of them are just things that

happen in life generally if you're doing

certain occupations some of it is you

know temporary kind of things that might

happen to people like losing a job so

we're going to cover all the six

different kinds of deferment and kind of