How Do I Take Advantage Of The Military Student Loan Repayment Plan?

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Tim starts out this hour in taxes Merry

Christmas Tim how can we help Merry

Christmas Dave thanks for taking my call

sure what's going on so I I am on a baby

step two right now my question is

regarding my studio I just renewed my

contract with the military for another

six years and as part of that I got up

to $50,000 and stood on the payment

right now I have 16,000 left on my

student loan and I already called them

and they said but the catch with the

repayment and it's only $7,500 a year

over the six years okay I talked to them

and I said you know when I get this

$7,500 for the first year which would be

early next year you know how is that

applied and they said you'll be

considered paid ahead so right now my

monthly payments are about 180 a month

going up to like 220 next year and I'm