Managing Your Student Loans

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Welcome to this webinar for VISTAs on "Managing Student Loans."

I'm Calvin Landrum, a training specialist for AmeriCorps VISTA,

and I'll be your host today.

I'm joined today by Jessica Knight and Endi Clark from Education Northwest,

and together we'll be providing online support during the presentation

and facilitating your questions.

Now, student loans can be complicated and daunting to navigate,

so today we're going to talk about the options you have as a VISTA that can

help out with loans both during and after service.

A quick note, while we do discuss the education award during this webinar,

for those of you who want more tips regarding the education award,

we have another webinar you can access on the VISTA campus page.

The link to being that, I believe, is going to be in the chat.

Again, I'm Calvin Landrum, and I'm from Waco, Texas.

I served two terms with AmeriCorps and CCC, as a field team leader and, later,

as a support team liter on projects throughout the Midwest

and northeast regions of the U.S.

Since wrapping up my CCC service,

I filled multiple positions with the Corporation for National

and Community Service,

including working side by side with Natasha at the VMSU,