How To Remove Student Loans IN 2022 | Credit Repair Hacks |Student Loans | LifeWithC

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all right so we back with another video

guys so I want to start this video off

by saying that yes it is absolutely

possible to get student loans removed

from your credit report but I want to

let you know that just because you get a

removed off your credit report does not

mean you are free of the day you still

owe the student loans that's just not on

your credit report anymore all right all



okay this is just like a little template

I created um typically when you have a

tri merge credit reporting site this is

what its gonna look like you're gonna

see all three credit bureaus side by

side you're gonna see the account you

know that's listed on there if it's not

listed on their credit bureau then it

will be blank so for today's example you