In 3 minutes, JavaScript loading of scripts (async, defer)

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would like to talk about JavaScript

loading and how you can use it to your

advantage to improve the loading of your

page and processing so let's get started

so basically I've done a simple set up

here I have an index dot HTML and I'm

loading here four scripts and at the

very end I'm displaying end of the page

and here I have a log where the scripts

can log some of the information and let

me show you what the scripts look like

they're basically all the same they have

a function if he will basically compute

something so it takes a while and it

takes that note AG log and enters

information and here is the difference

it basically says F 1 and it puts in the

time and that's pretty much it app 2 is

similar the only difference is you have

to have two so let's get started

if I just have that and re show you what