Should I defer my first speeding ticket?

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how're we doing today Tony Garden will

here owner of guard jewel law today I

wanted to talk to you about a recent

question that I got from a potential

client essentially what it was is he

called him to my office he's 22 years

old never had a speeding ticket before

in his life and he had just got one of

the week prior and his question was does

it make sense to use my deferral on my

first speeding ticket and it's kind of

tough to answer that question because

there's a lot of things that go into

whether or not you should do that my

general philosophy is no you should not

use your deferral on your first speeding

ticket and the reason being is that you

only get one deferral once every seven

years and if we backtrack a little bit

just to talk about what is a deferral