HOW TO DECLINE A JOB OFFER POLITELY | How to turn down a job offer gracefully

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How do you decline a job offer politely?

Whether it's because you have multiple offers,

it just wasn't the right fit for you,

or you just simply decided not to make a move,

you need to know how to reject a job offer. And when you decline the job offer,

you want to do so in a way that doesn't burn any bridges.

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You're here because you need to know how to decline a job offer politely.

And I'm just going to get right into it. Now,

if you watched my video about evaluating a job offer,

you've already gone through the steps,

and you've already identified why you are going to decline this job offer.

Maybe as you were going through the interview process,

you realized that the company culture just wasn't the best fit.

Or you accepted another offer, because you had multiple offers.

And there was something else that was going to get you to your career goal,

or to your salary goal, a lot faster than this opportunity.