Arriving in USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 | Customs Form | How to Complete

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hi welcome to Mattingly's TV everyone

who arrives in the USA needs to fill out

one of these forms okay

now forms like this can be really scary

but don't worry they're actually really

easy and I'm going to teach you exactly

how to fill it out right now okay let's

say your name is Ravina Khan and you're

from Pakistan and you're going to the

u.s. to visit some family or friend okay

so here's our form family name con first

name Robina if you have a middle name

you could put it here let's just say

your middle name is Sonia okay birthday

May 24th 1989 number of family members

traveling with you we're just going to

assume you're traveling alone okay so

we're going to put the zero now here

it's asking for the address of where

you're going to stay in the US right so

we're going to say one two three eight

Ave Miami Florida okay now this is

really important one time I was

traveling to the US and I didn't know

where I was going to stay my plan was

just to go and find a hotel when I got

there but when I got to the airport I

gave this form to the officer and he

said you need an address so I had to get

out of the lineup look up a hotel

somewhere and put the hotel's address

here okay so I want to save you some

time it's important that you know the

address of the place you're staying

before you arrive in the US okay so

let's look at the next one passport

issued by Pakistan passport number here

country of residence Pakistan countries

visited on this trip prior to the US

okay we're going to assume that Rubina

is going directly from Pakistan to the

US she's not visiting any other

countries on her trip okay so we just

put nothing you make a little dash that

means nothing okay next we have the

flight number now your flight number

will be on your boarding pass

it will probably be two letters and

few numbers so here we have LH 462

that's moved onto us like 462 direct

from Frankfurt to Miami okay look at

this we're almost done let's look at one

more section here the primary purpose of

this trip is business are you coming for


well Raveena is just coming to visit her

family and friends so we're going to say

no now here it's asking about food and

dangerous items are you bringing food in

probably not so no no no no no have you

been around livestock livestock means

farm animals like cows sheep chickens

horses have you been around any farm

animals probably not so no are you

bringing any money in more than $10,000

cash no do you have any commercial

merchandise commercial merchandise means

anything that you're going to sell but

we're not going to sell anything so no

okay this area is talking about gift

what is the value of the gifts you're

bringing into the US okay here you see

residents and visitors so we don't need

to do the residents but we need to put

something in the visitors spot if you're

not bringing anything in then just write

zero or put a little - but let's assume

Rubina is bringing in some clothes as

gifts for her family members okay those

clothes are $100 so then on the back of

this form you just write clothes $100

that's it done easy okay look we're done

all we have left is the signature and

we're finished it probably takes like

two minutes to fill out this form okay

so hey if you're traveling to the US I

want to wish you a very safe journey and

if you want to learn English with me

please subscribe to my youtube channel

and I'll see you over at mat English TV

take care