Setup Florida Domicile & Residency for Full Time RV Living

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hi I'm Rachel from the Great Adventure

and today I'm going to tell you all

about how to set up your domicile in

Florida pretty easy pretty

straightforward domicile is basically

the same as a residency you're

establishing your legal presence in a

specific state our beers tend to choose

between Florida South Dakota and Texas

and those choices are made based on

property taxes insurance prices health

insurance home school laws there are a

lot of reasons why people choose a

specific state for us or to make the

most sense and so that's what I'm going

to be sharing with today but take a look

at some of the other states to decide

where you would like to set up your


this is 2019 when I'm recording this we

set up all of our documents and address

and all of that in 2016-17

mmm losing track of time so make sure

that you're checking at your current

laws and the current systems that are in

place just in case they've changed since

I've made this video so I'm gonna jump

right into it really straightforward

really pretty easy so the first step is

simply to choose a mail forwarding

service it's exactly what it sounds like

a service that's going to collect your

mail and then it will forward it on to

you when you're at a campground or a

location that you can receive mail the

address of that mail forwarding service

will serve as your permanent address in

the state so there are a few different

options within Florida the one we went

with was my RV mail and we were very

happy with this service we just had the

basic level they told us when a piece of

mail came in and now is all the

information that we had you can also set

things up where they can scan your mat

the outside of your mail so that you can

see what's coming in they also have

another upgrade where you can have them

open your mail and scan everything

that's inside as well we were happy with

the basic it worked for us but you have

options so that specific address will be

your residency address that's the first


step is simply to have mail starting to

come to that address so just change

things over that are already coming to

you even though we'd like to be as

paperless as possible and we try to do

that maybe for a short term you could

send your bank statement to this address

credit card bills insurance the health

insurance you can start applying for

that once you have chosen that address

so for us in Florida we were able to go

through and so we had all

those documents coming to our mail

forwarding service because that was our

established address in the state so just

begin having mail come to that address

maybe for a month or two just so each

person has several documents in their

name in that address for the next step

the next step is to make a trip down to

that county for us it was near Destin

Florida so that was our first stop on

our full-time journey we stopped there

and while we were there we visited tax

collector's office in the county of

Okaloosa Bogalusa Okaloosa I can't

remember exactly and so we made a trip

there it is the tax collectors office

it's not a DMV we had a little confusion

and trying to figure out what office we

were supposed to get to the tax

collectors office is where you will go

and when you go you want to have in your

hand those documents that were coming to

your mail forwarding service bank

statements credit card health insurance

of any of those legal documents you need

to in each person's name along with

those two documents you will need a

photo ID passport driver's license from

a previous state and your social

security card so you take all those

things in hand and you make a trip to

your tax collector's office in the

county that you're registering in so for

us that worked really well pretty

straightforward you sit down at a desk

and the person types everything in you

can register to vote at the same time

and that's really it it's that simple

you set up your mail forwarding service

you start having mail sent to you at

that address

make a trip into your local tax

collector's office and get

everything's squared away the next kind

of bonus step then and once you've

established a residency and you get your

driver's license in hand you can also

register your vehicles and you can do

that at the same time at the same

appointment with getting your driver's

license you can register your vehicle

switchover license plates and all of

that we waited a little bit longer after

because just to line up with the

expiration dates and the state you are

currently registered that's the only

reason we waited but you can do that at

that same appointment as well so it's

really quite easy to set it up it sounds

like you move you might need a lot of

paperwork and to do all these crazy

things but it is easiest can be find

that mail forwarding service start

sending mail there and then make a trip

down to your tax collector's office

that's it three steps simple easy and


hopefully this was helpful for you um if

you have a comments questions about some

specifics or things that you've run into

please comment below and we'll be happy

to help you thanks so much for watching