How To File Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer in 2020

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hi my name is James, with and I'm here to tell you all the

steps that you need to take in order to receive a successful Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge

without a lawyer.

I'm not going to tell you whether or not to file for bankruptcy. The assumption is if you're watching

this video

you've already considered your financial alternatives in you've already decided that bankruptcy

is the best option for you.

A typical chapter seven bankruptcy is going to take a hundred days from the date you file

until that day your bankruptcy is discharged. There's also a lot of other

"stuff" that you need to do before you file.

I'm here to go over all that "stuff" and all the steps on this tutorial.

It might be a little overwhelming.

There's a more detailed,

WRITTEN tutorial on our web site at

I know some of you are going to watch this video

and say, "Very informative, but I'm going to hire a lawyer."

but i'll tell you right now

and I'll go over it as we go along

if you hire a lawyer

you're going to have to complete most of the steps that I'm going over right now without

the help of that lawyer

on your own.

now is a bankruptcy software company

that greatly helps in the preparation of your paperwork

but this video primarily goes over all steps to a successful chapter seven bankruptcy discharge

other the the paperwork.

now the first thing you do before you file for bankruptcy

is see if you actually qualify for chapter seven bankruptcy

if you just skip this step and you don't qualify for bankruptcy

you're not going to know for a couple months

and then your case

the client would be dismissed

it's where wanted several months also say sometime avoid exploiting it

find out if you qualify for chapter seven bankruptcy

there's a government qualifying form called "The Means Test".

We simplified and posted on our web site easy

you can download it for free

and find out if you qualify for chapter seven bankruptcy

in about five minutes

now that you already know you do qualify for chapter seven bankruptcy

the next step is find out who you owe money to

What are the names and addresses of your creditors? If you hired a lawyer, they'd get

your social security numbers, and run your credit report to get the information that way

but you know you could run a credit report on yourself for free, and we'll show you how for

free on our web site at

the next step is to take your mandatory

credit counseling course

now this is something he's to you

on your own with no help

whether you hired a lawyer or not

it sounds intimidating

it's not

it's and online no of course going to take about an hour to complete going to read about

fifty dollars

at the end you're going to get a certificate of completion and you're going to need to

file that certificate with the rest of your bankruptcy people work

now you're your bankruptcy paid work primarily is your assets and liabilities in writing

presented to the bankruptcy trustee

not your you know your liabilities it's the names and addresses of your creditors that

you got on your credit report is rent for yourself

your absence of things like of your house your car your clothes

your bank accounts

that's a little lawyer doesn't know all of because only you would know what you all

so if you hire lawyers that we would have you

you some sort of bankruptcy software

similar to the very things up with it

we've provided easy bankruptcy forbes

dot com

for under fifty dollars

house is this deals with

all of your personal possessions of what you do to keep after bankruptcy

you don't want a complete tax gap

in one day you want to take your time and make sure it's very very accurate

and yet you're going have none of it worked

and when the two copies of that you want to bring to the court

get them all the hunt

didn't want to the core key want for yourself that the courts as they did file this using

own yes I did and I have your stamp to prove it

now this is a step filing for bankruptcy

the denny trial the lawyer will

will do completely on it

completely for think that you're on your own

we'll take about five minutes what you're there

it's day one of those hundred days of bankruptcy

and the court clerk if you don't apply for bankruptcy the waiver

is going to request two hundred ninety nine dollars of that money must be any the cash

or money order

now you're going to get a receipt overseas could have four important things

your case number

the bankruptcy judgment

the bankruptcy trustee name

and you're courtney court date which is also known to be creditors

and it's going to be scheduled about forty days out

I didn't want to give bankruptcy

in the twenty one day for you there's going to be a lot of things going on in as it pertains

to you

what you got it

remember to do

he has to respond to any written correspondence tribute to the bankruptcy court

or you newly-appointed bankruptcy trustee

she pressed the pair to finalise they want

and it's going to require some additional the poor

more than likely %uh

buster's taxing opening statements

last month he stops

and if you didn't file all the paperwork


on day one

the court is going to just

this is a case right the evidence that is something in writing this is hey you've got

this one paper

so you had a terrible time between they wanted for the candidate of the reported cases yes

let's beware

respond to all written correspondent for the court

and I think she's resting

within the first forty days of the bankruptcy before you meet interpreters everything's

him instantly

the day fourteen is written in the predators

that's the first day that your creditors

have to dispute your bankruptcy

%uh in theory that's the day that you meet face to face with your creditors and

you're bankruptcy trustee

but the reality is your creditors will not show up to this meeting so it'll be just you

your bankruptcy trustee

and if you replied to all of it corresponds of the last forty days with your trusty

you'll be in and out of this meeting in about ten minutes run very very smoothly for it

so there is a forty

of your bankruptcy

as you know a bankruptcy takes a hundred days

there's a sixty-day period where your creditors

can't dispute your bankruptcy in writing so you have to wait out at sixty days

and more than likely if they didn't show up for your be creditors

they're not going to just be here

bankruptcy in writing so you just have to wait the six page of your paper to discharge

yet one day

bill with

between of the interpreters

and the next forty five days and that's

past her

financial management course

it's very similar to the credit counseling course the you took right before you file

it's online it's no fails it will take the two hours to complete

it'll cost you fifty dollars when you're done you're going to get a certificate of completion

you need to take that certificate of completion needed to go back to the court

and give it to 'em say the idea that that within forty five days


you mean the creditors

they just wait for the rest of those sixty days to pass

you should get your bankruptcy discharge

trouble is when you figure that to discharge papers in the mail

mister fahringer credit with the rest of your life

I know a lot of you've lost your job

and you may be considered in chapter seven bankruptcy is one of your options

this is not tell you whether it's the best option for you or not this is just to tell


%uh what she decided to file for chapter seven bankruptcy

what proper steps are detectors have been history

you think that she is the best option for him my name is James

I'm here for you

I'm with easy bankruptcy forms dot com

good luck with the bankruptcy