How Do I File Bankruptcy In Washington State?

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tired of bills piling up or endless

calls from debt collectors was there an

unexpected job loss wage garnishment or

medical emergency and the bank now wants

to take your house you work hard but

endless bills and expenses leave you

struggling to stay afloat Symes law

group can help when you schedule a free

consultation an attorney will meet with

you to answer all of your questions and

provide you with the right plan that

fits your situation your attorney will

prepare and file a bankruptcy petition

and in most cases you only need to go to

one short meeting in about 30 days after

your case is filed most people are able

to keep all of their assets while wiping

out unsecured debt like credit cards

medical bills and personal loans many

people even have their credit scores

improve immediately your attorney will

guide you through the bankruptcy process

until you receive a discharge notice

from the court meaning your debt is

wiped out your attorney can even provide

options for repairing your credit or

planning your estate post-bankruptcy not

all law firms are alike some law firms

can leave you frustrated while charging

excessive fees while your case goes

unfiled for months you deserve better

and Symes Law Group make sure your case

is filed fast to stop debt collectors

from taking your hard-earned wages Symes

Law Group has had numerous satisfied

clients and now you can be one of them

it's time to get rescued get a fresh

start and start enjoying life again

visit us online fill out the contact

form or call us today to set up your

free consultation