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good morning welcome back to my channel

today is what today is Sunday and I had

a good day today because I just attended

the Sunday service online Facebook

online yeah so this is actually the

second week of coronavirus here in

Turkey and since nothing to do I might

as well started my nesting my preparing

for the baby since I'm already 35 weeks

in my pregnancy and I haven't done

anything yet I just fix some few things

I just buy some few things for him but

so far I didn't do any preparation yeah

so I'm gonna share with you guys only

you know some preparations that I need

to make for today my plan is just to do

some sterilizing for the bottles of the

baby I'm actually gonna do um exclusive

breastfeeding I'm gonna do exclusive I'm

gonna exclusive breastfeeding my baby so

but I still need to prepare some bottles

just you know for storage and just in

case anything happened or at night I can

you know my husband can help me feeding

him so yeah I'm gonna prepare some

bottles I'm gonna sterilize some bottles

I have already um I have already wash

his clothes I'm just gonna need to iron

it and just put it in his drawer yeah

basically that's it so yeah I started


so this one guys I'm going to sterilize

this one I'm going to boil since I don't

have sterilizer so I might just use dumb

boiling water so these are the pacifiers

I only have four these are just two


I have manual pump so that's it let's



okay so that's two minutes


so I already prepare and sterilize all

the all the bottles and also I have

sterilized over the pacifier so you have

four pacifiers


so I'm going to put this here in the bus


yes so this would be my storage bags for

all my buttons and a manual pump






huh so right now guys I've already

finished ironing his clothes so I just

need to clean his dresser so I need to

take it off everything and then I need

to put it back again anyway he only has

few clothes because I didn't buy that

much clothes for him

most of these clothes are only given by

some friends second hands so already

finish and I'm gonna take off everything

from the drawer from the dresser and

then after I take everything I'm gonna

clean it and put it back again and or

guys so yeah let's see this is just this

newborn clothes I have already finished

ironing this I think I'm just I'm just

gonna put newborn clothes in his dresser

cuz we don't have extra dresser so all

he's three months and above clothes I'm

just gonna keep it in my dresser I think

so yeah so this is all long-sleeve this

is the slipper slippers okay just old

long-sleeve and just gonna put it the

bibs his son pants and his newborn pants

yeah see see how little is his clothes

that's okay cuz newborn grow fast so I'm

sure that he's just gonna need some few

stuffs because few clothes anyway it's

summer he will be born in summer so yeah

Oh struggle is real sorry huh

I cannot breathe it's so hard to be fat

on you're pregnant so hard to be fat

when you're pregnant I cannot be anyway

i I have already emptied the drawer her

his dresser it's already emptied so what

I'm gonna do now he's I'm gonna try to

organize his things and slowly slowly

put it in here put he put it back in his

dresser so let's see everything is here

I just put it here in the bed I'm gonna

try to organize it it's just little he

don't have that much clothes and things

because I know that this is my second

baby I know that newborn grow up so fast

so they don't need that much clothes I

don't have they don't need that much

things just basic needs anyway yeah so

let's start

I should go some not yet finish with her

with his dresser so basically I just put

here for the meantime his diapers this

is his before his changing wet wipes

some cotton balls some alcohol this is

for his for bath time I just bought this

one in some local markets for just one

dollar this is around 5 lira Turkish

lira so I have here some baby oil sponge

for his bath time I have diapers shampoo

and lotion for the powder I think I'm

not going to use this one us I heard a

lot of things about baby powder he's not

good for the baby

so yeah and I'm still gonna change this

for the first over I just yeah this one

is some some of his pacifier said hi how

about a sterilized just some nasal

aspirator how do you call this one for


temperature just as I'm not I don't want

to use nail cutter I'm still afraid to

use nail cutter so I'm just gonna use

this one for him this is so good and so

gentle so soft for cutting these nails

some extra diapers

I have here some gel pads some extra

pads for the yeah some extra pads and

this is his swaddle me swaddle me

swaddles some extra mm and you know how

you call this one for his birth yeah and

then some extra socks I put some socks

here and some mittens and some hats and

some extra pads

I'm still gonna change it this one is

still not finish I'm still gonna fix

this one I bought this I bought some of

the organizers from Ikea yeah this is

still it's already been wash and I just

need to iron it and organize here this

is some swaddle some of his sweaters

this is waddles this is a Muslim block

this is our Muslim blackheads and some

Muslim swaddles I think I still need

more and for this some extra blackheads

and this is uh this is an echo wrap

sling and yeah some extra I don't buy

some toys for him because if you don't

need it yet yeah so for the meantime I'm

gonna put it here but tell us this is

just some how do you call this one this

is just some disposable pack his towel

extra towels and some extra wet wipes so

basically that's it

for the next few days since it's because

of this coronavirus unfortunately we

cannot go out of the house so I'm just

gonna use this time to prepare for the

coming of our baby and yeah please stay

safe guys and stay home be safe stay


I wish all well and I wish all good

health and please pray pray pray and

there's nothing we can do right now just

to pray and all this I pray that all of

this will just pass in the coming weeks

or we don't know yet only God knows when

but yeah

so I thank you guys for watching I hope

you enjoyed this video bye