What is a Sovereign State?

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our next section of even if one involved

this idea of a sovereign state and when

we went through our reading there we

found that a sovereign state has four

components population territory

sovereignty and government and we'll get

into those okay so when you mention a

state do you mean like Connecticut or

Rhode Island no even though that's what

we think of normally here living in the

u.s. in a global sense we're thinking

more of a country almost so the word

state and country sort of used

interchangeably here so in our case in a

government class when we say state for

this purpose we're referring to really a

country okay so not a state like the

United States like the 50 just state as

in a nation state a country correct okay

okay one of the first elements of a

state or a sovereign state is that it

has a population this is defined by a

group of people who have membership or

their members are citizens of a state

territory it's going to be those land

areas with set boundaries in which

estates rule applies we all are familiar

with the boundaries of the United States

other states around the world have very

similar geographic boundaries whether

it's rivers oceans up next to other

countries we know what a territory is

okay what if there's a dispute over the

territories that's still a state yeah

well sometimes we see that carried out

through various wars or conflicts

sometimes people may have conflict over

natural resources if there is a

territory dispute for example take like

with the Crimea region of Ukraine

well that played out where Russia

actually took that over so that's no

longer part of Ukraine

we'll see if anything else comes with

that so territories can change and shift

all the time they can change they're not

set in stone

forever clearly the territory of the US

when you take US history

expanded from the original 13 all the

way to the 50 states today a third

element is sovereignty and sovereignty

means the ability to rule absolutely

within a territory and to simplify that

that just means that no one else outside

of your country can tell you how to run

your own a lot of times they try to the

u.s. is a culprit of that trying to make

other countries do certain things but

for the most part if you have a

sovereign state the government of your

country is the one who makes the rules

no outside force can dictate the inner

workings of your country the government

itself civics is a citizenship and

government class but what exactly does

it mean to have a government we're going

to take a look at the four roles that

government has but really it's an

organization inside the state that's

going to control basically what happens

inside your state the four roles of a

government or any government are the

first is to make laws second is to

protect the state that means to protect

it from foreign countries and invasions

the third is to keep order and that is

similar to protecting the state but

that's within the country so how do you

keep security in order within your

nation States boundaries and then lastly

provide services such as schools

hospitals transportation so those are

the four things that just about every

government does in order to be

considered a government to try to bring

this into some current events when we

looked at what's happening in Iraq in

Syria right now the question we asked

all of you is is Iraqi government

fulfilling those four main roles in you

had to take a look at the evidence that

was there look at the situation with

Isis and come to the conclusion are they

fulfilling the roles of government no

okay they are not particularly in

northern Iraq they cannot satisfy all of

these things so hopefully from the u.s.

perspective they can gain control over

that but as of now they are simply not a

functioning government in the northern

part of the country