Signs Your Relationship Is Moving Too Fast | Over 3? Put On The Brakes!

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is your relationship moving too fast

today I want to give you a self analysis

not a relationship one but a self one so

you can know if your relationship is

moving too fast and you need to put on

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all right if you're worried that your

relationship might be moving too fast

this is the video for you I'm going to

ten signs that a relationship is moving

too quickly if you get three or more

then it's really time to put on the

brakes number one you've gone from gym

junkie to him junkie if your exercise

schedule has taken a major hit due to

him you're spending two or more less

days per week exercising because of time

spent with him and the relationship is

still new it's a sign that things are

going too quickly

give yourself a point number two you're

spamming social media with photos well

you've already changed your relationship

status so this is a sign that I always

like to check in with clients who I

think might be moving too fast if it's

the first month or so and they're

already spamming couple photos and look

like a engaged wedlock couple on social

media or they've changed their

relationship status really early despite

not knowing each other very long it's a

sign they're moving too fast if that's

you give yourself one point number three

you spend notably less time with your

friends so you've got to be honest with

this one has there been a significant

change to your social time replaced with

man time if there has give yourself one

point number four you have more faith

and trust in him then his actions have

actually earned so you find yourself

making statements like oh I know he'd

never do that or I trust him so much and

yet you don't actually know that for

sure because you don't know him that

well not yet if you find yourself giving

him an earring amounts of trust and and

putting so much faith in him despite

only knowing him a short period of time

then it's a strong sign your

relationship could be moving too fast

give yourself one point number five your

hobbies and personal growth have taken a

backseat now it's natural that when you

meet someone your priorities are going

to slowly shift as that person earns a

way into your life and you into theirs

each of you are going to make time for

one another but these changes shouldn't

be sudden and significant and this

applies especially to your passions

and your work on yourself if you've gone

from spending multiple days working on

yourself and time spent on your passions

to almost no days doing those things and

instead spent with him that sudden

change is a sign a relationship is

moving too fast if that's the case give

yourself one point number six you can't

name any incompatibilities the two of

you might have so I like to ask clients

who I suspect might be moving too fast

to name a few incompatibilities that

they have with their new man this isn't

to put it down on things it's simply to

make sure they're going in with their

eyes open as to what some of the hurdles

might be if you can't name any

incompatibilities with your new amazing

partner give yourself one point number

seven you find yourself projecting

beyond five times the amount of time

you've known each other now I find this

number can shift around a bit and

usually grows as the relationship grows

on but the magic point seems to be about

five to seven times for relationships

that are moving too fast so if I talk to

a client who's been around a man for a

month and she's projecting beyond the

five to six month mark I know that it's

very likely she's moving too fast and

that we need to slow things down if

that's you give yourself one point

number eight your happiness fluctuates

greatly depending on your new

relationship so this is one that I

really like to check in with clients and

it's a strong sign things are moving too

fast a month ago you were deriving your

happiness from yourself you were doing

your own things your happiness was very

much dependent on you and what you were

doing in your life and now it's all

about him has he texted back does he

like me today your highs and lows are

very much dependent on the relationship

with him if that's you and there's been

a big sudden change to where you're

deriving your happiness from give

yourself one point number nine you've

stopped taking responsibility for things

due to time spent together it's easy to

get carried away during time together

you have such a good time that

responsibilities things that you have to

do in life take kind of a backseat but

if it's serious if work if bills if

important things are slipping in

life due to time spent with your new man

then it's a sign the relationship is

moving too fast if that's the case give

yourself one point and number ten you

excuse red flags that you know are

serious if I suspect a client is moving

too fast

I want to check in to make sure that

she's not ignoring or worse excusing red

flags that this man has shown I need to

know that she knows the signs of

controlling narcissistic emotionally

unavailable anger all these types of

personalities and that she's not

overlooking red flags due to emotions

coming up and powerful lust in her new

relationship if you find yourself

overlooking red flags give yourself one

point well that's the quiz what did you

score three or more out of 10 and I'd

really recommend putting on the brakes

there's no shame in slowing things down

if it's meant to be it's still will be

well that's the video thank you so much

for watching I hope you enjoyed let me

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