How to Add or Change Your Major, Minor, or Certificate via myUCF

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Hello! My name is Chelsea Tarbox and I am a

Peer Advisor for The Office of First Year Advising

& Exploration here at UCF. Today, I am going to

be talking to you about how to go about

changing your major or minor or to declare a

major or minor through your myUCF.

When changing or adding a major that is

restricted or limited access (for example

General Business or Radio-Television) students

should select the "Pending" version of the major

until they have completed the program

admission requirements for the respective major.

So now I'm going to show you how to perform

this action through myUCF access.

So the first thing you would do is to sign on to

your myUCF account.

You would then navigate over to the Student

Self-Service tab.

After this page loads, you would want to

navigate over to the "other academic" dropdown

menu, and you're going to select the first option,

the "change major: request", and then click the

little arrow tab.

Here you would want to read the warnings and

instructions before proceeding, then click next.

If a student wanted to add a minor, major, or

certificate, you would navigate over to the "add"

buttons. If a student wanted to change their

minor, major, or certificate, you would want to

select the "change" option, and NOT the add


This student is a history major, with a minor in

anthropology, and a certificate in diplomacy.

Let's pretend that this student wants to change

to a psychology major. We would navigate over

to the 'major' section and we would hit "change".

Once this page has loaded, you are going to

want to navigate over to the magnifying glass

under "requested college".

Since this student wants to change to

psychology, we are going to navigate over to

"College of Sciences" which is abbreviated by


C-O-S, or "COS".

Now we are going to do the same thing, but

under requested major, minor, or certificate.

You are going to want to select "look up" to

show all of your options.

We are going to navigate down to the

"Psychology Bachelor of Sciences" option.

Once this has been completed, you are going to

want to navigate over to the "next" button.

So here we have the confirmation page, this

page contains all of the information that you

would need to review and make sure is correct

before submitting.

So as we can see, this student is changing from

their previous College of Arts and Humanities, to

the College of Sciences. And this student is

also changing their major from the History

Bachelors of Arts track, to the Psychology

Bachelors of Sciences track.

So once you have reviewed this page and made

sure that all of the information is correct, you

would want to hit the submit option.

If a student wanted to "add" or "change" a minor

or certificate, you would repeat the same

process under either the minor or the certificate


From all of us here at the First Year Advising

and Exploration Office, thank you for watching

and listening. We wish you a wonderful

semester, GO KNIGHTS!