Minor at Northeastern University's School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs

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why minor at Northeastern School of

Public Policy and urban affairs you

already have a major so what's the point

of declaring a minor picking up a minor

allows you to get a well-rounded

education and learn more about a subject

you're passionate about it also helps

prepare you for graduate school you're

already paying tuition so why not get

your money's worth be smart

a minor doesn't take all that much extra

time having a minor will look great to a

potential employer it will boost your

resume over other candidates and

demonstrate that you have attained

expertise and are willing to go above

and beyond at the School of Public

Policy and urban affairs you have the

option to choose from three minors all

of which will add to your expertise in

the minor of law and public policy you

learn how the law influences and is

influenced by policy and politics you

participate in fascinating cutting-edge

courses with the opportunity to focus on

international domestic and criminal

justice legal issues and you're part of

a rich community that facilitates moot

courts the speaker series and

internships and encourages networking

with mentors the Urban Studies minor

equips you with an understanding of the

dynamics of urban growth and decline and

the policies and approaches cities used

to create revitalization the Urban

Studies minor also allows for examining

how cities are responding to climate

change it complements many social

science majors as well as architecture

business and engineering the minor in

food systems sustainability health and

equity is an interdisciplinary

exploration of the contemporary food

system it pays particular attention to

how the system of all its diverse

societal health and environmental

impacts and ideas for making the food

system more sustainable healthy and

equitable for all why get only one when

you can get two when it comes to your

education the more Skills you accumulate

the stronger your resume

come on over to 3:10 Renaissance Park

and meet our faculty today