How to Declare your Major

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To declare your major go to the West Los Angeles College website

at, click on

admissions and expressway them the right hand side

click on forms, then you will download the student

information change form by clicking the link in the list

now you can print out the form or download it to your computer to print

out later

one you have your form printed out use an ink pen

and fill out section A with your last name, first name

middle initial, student ID number and birth date

in Section B check off

new major code and write in your major code

once you have completed filling out the form

sign it at the bottom and date it

take it to the second floor of the Student Services building

in Admissions. If you don't know your major code

go back to the West Los Angeles College website

then click on class schedules, top right

click on the printed class schedule PDF

tab and click on the

button, how to enroll, on page 14

of this document, you will have a list of all major codes

offered at West Los Angeles College, so for example

if your major is history, your major code would be


if you don't know what major to declare

you can find more information by clicking on

for students, then going down the page

in clicking on catalog. In the in the most recent

catalog you will see a list of majors pagers in alphabetical order.

You can find out more by clicking on any of these links

one major that we encourage people to look at

is liberal arts and sciences major

located under the L link. You can find more information there

and what kind of classes you will need to take in order to achieve

this degree