Climate Emergency

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we all live on this tiny blue ball in

space from some points of view the earth

is limitless from others it's incredibly

fragile floods hurricanes and heat waves

are increasing around the world

displacing people and causing havoc to

biodiversity and natural systems all of

this is driving species extinction

destroying ecosystems and will continue

to devastate global food production

threaten global water sources and

displace communities if nothing is done

the cause of our changing climate we are

burning more fossil fuels and pumping

more carbon pollution into our

atmosphere than our planet can handle

and it is reaching a level our planet

hasn't seen in over three million years

the Earth's temperature is rising at

twice the rate it was just 50 years ago

and Canada's climate is warming at twice

the global average this is no longer

something we can call climate change

this is a climate crisis it's a wake-up

call that bold action is needed to

transition off fossil fuels to renewable

energy and to restore our natural

environment in and around Vancouver we

are already seeing record-breaking fire

seasons by 2050 we'll see reduced

snowpack and drinking water shortages

due to warmer winters and more intense

storms and flooding that will endanger

people and destroy property this is why

in 2019 the City of Vancouver along with

more than 1,200 jurisdictions worldwide

declared a climate emergency committing

to accelerating our climate actions

reducing our carbon emissions five times

faster than before in Vancouver we know

that nearly 60% of our carbon pollution

comes from burning natural gas to heat

our water and our buildings and nearly

40% comes

burning gasoline and diesel in our

vehicles our lifestyles also create

carbon pollution outside of Vancouver

the food we eat the things we buy from

clothes to flights the stuff for our

homes are all produced and transported

using fossil fuels the good news is that

everywhere we are contributing to

climate change there is an alternative

solution available the City of Vancouver

has been working for 10 years to make

changes through the greenest City action

and there is good news we cut our carbon

pollution by 12%

while increasing the number of green

jobs by 35% we've updated building codes

to make buildings more energy efficient

and less reliance on natural gas we've

made it easier for people to walk cycle

take transit and charge their electric

vehicles throughout the city we've

conserved water and restored and

improved natural environments we have a

solid foundation but it's not enough the

UN's IPCC report warned that we need to

keep global warming as close to 1.5

degrees Celsius as possible to avoid

devastating impacts to our environment

economies and communities the world has

already warmed close to 1 degrees

Celsius and unless meaningful action is

taken we're on track for 3 to 4 degrees

Celsius by the end of the century to

limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius we

need to cut global carbon emission in

half by 2030

cities have an important role to play in

reducing our carbon emissions and

tackling the deep inequalities embedded

in our society at the same time people

affected by systemic vulnerabilities and

inequity are at much greater risk to the

climate crisis this is the biggest

challenge we have ever faced as a city

and as a species we need to combine the

actions of individuals and bigger

systems changes so that it becomes

easier for people to stop burning fossil

fuels reduce our energy consumption in

fact all consumption and switch to clean


it means giving priority to transit

making our communities more walkable and

bikable and accelerating our shift to

electric vehicles it means creating more

complete communities that put people

closer to their daily needs

it means retrofitting buildings to be

more efficient and using renewable

energy like electricity or renewable

natural gas instead of positive it means

consuming less and sharing more and it's

an opportunity to make our city even

better healthier greener and more

equitable we all need to do more every

single one of us we all need big changes

by new solutions and be more

collaborative creative and innovative

together we must create a clearer

realistic plan so that everyone benefits

we need to be bold join us