How to make a SORN online for your vehicle using the V5C logbook 2020

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right we've got our new Land Rover

Discovery 3 we've just got the logbook

through for it or the v5 so just a quick

video to show you when you've got your

v5 you've either got a tax your car or

declare it as off-road with these

statutory off-road note it's a sword

just show people how to apply for a

sword online is dead easy so not a lot

of people want to show you this this got

the document reference number and name

and address but everyone knows who I am

and you're welcome to steal my car right

so I think you can just type in declare

sawn so here we go declare so on

alright never look what it comes up with

right and make sure it's one of these

dot gov websites so declare your

vehicles off-road so right okay right

then choose when it starts start now

that's the button we're looking for so

let's see how easy this it be so it from

your V 11 reminded now we haven't got

the V velum

I don't have the reminder but I've got

the registration now you could have one

of these little new new supplement

things here so you could take the number

off here which is this document

reference number here and and that is if

you're doing it with that one I tried

doing it with that one but cuz the other

guy I haven't sent his logbook off I

couldn't so I have to wait for this one

so I'm gonna go new keeper you hold on

so I'm gonna use the v5c okay alright

let's please talk in the eleven digit

number that looks like eleven digits

than it Gary so we'll walk right in zero

zero four three eight you watch the

computer there are 3-3 1 2 4 3 1 alright

and the registration number here we've

got that celestial obviously you'll know

what your registration here carries YC

54 and I'll be use ed services rubbish

number that one all right and continue

all right Land Rover diesel it says

packs not do tax on date okay so you

address you cannot you cannot option

email it to yourself mobile if you want

right we're gonna make a song and it's

thank you for telling you this vehicle

is off-road okay and yeah you were not

allowed to tax it for five days but

there we go so that's how to declare a

sword and then you're all safe and the

DVLA aren't gonna hassle you to get your

car taxed hope I helped someone