Matlab Tutorials: How to use multidimensional/ 3-D array in matlab

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how are you do this is a scare from

always cool in this video I am going to

show you how to use the

multi-dimensional array in MATLAB so

let's start in order to getting the

concept of a multi-dimensional array I

have created an example here learn a

multi-dimensional array is like a

notebook on each and every page shows

particular matrix let let's say this

matrix so this is a 3 cross 3 matrix

this is the very first page of my

notebook there will be many more pages

below then the last page is I have shown

here at 6 8 3 and another multiple

arrays so in this way I can create the

multi-dimensional array in MATLAB so in

order to understand easily I have taken

I have chosen a 3 dimensional array to

illustrate in this video then once you

get the concept then you can switch over

to the 4 dimensional 5 dimensional and

so on so let's start in MATLAB here it

is it's quite easy to work in MATLAB

let's say just in order to revive the

previous concept this is a very simple

matrix 2 cross 2 matrix so it's a 2

dimensional matrix now I want to make it

as a 3 dimensional matrix I want to add

a second page in this particular matrix

so what I will do I will just forward

here like this the another element that

is this this number particular number

shows the page number in my notebook at


like six so it has added the another aha

page in my matrix here it is now the

page number one is the first matrix here

it is and the page number two is my

second matrix now you can add many more

pages in the similar fashion now it's a

very obvious question if I want to

access any particular element of this

notebook then how will get that number

so you just provide the number let's

suppose I want to fetch my 2 cross 2

cross 2 element that is element on the

second page on the second page this

number shows the second page number on

the second page second row and second

column element of second row and second

column so on the second page that is

here the second row and second column

column that is six number so the answer

should be six of this particular element

and let's see yeah here it is it six so

in this way you can fetch any particular

element from this notebook of

multi-dimensional arrays let's try with

another add with adding another page so

I will just change the number here three

you can choose any number six and it

just in order to make new different

matrix two and five so it will show me

the three pages like page number one is

number one page number two and the page

number three now if you want to access

any particular of page only then you can

do in the this particular manner let's

say I want to

visit my second page so I will do just

this and second page so you will show me

only the second page so in this way you

can visit you can visit your only any

particular page and a particular element

so that's how you work with

multi-dimensional array in MATLAB so

thanks for watching the video please do