How to dance at an afghan wedding - funny guide

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oh hello so you've been invited to an

Afghan wedding this video will teach you

everything you need to know to have

mothers and grandma saying who are his

parents and what does he do for a living

let's begin the most important thing

about attending an Afghan wedding is to

dress accordingly here's what you'll

need a black suit black belt with silver

plating and last but not least a shil

head goatees or anything below the lips

are recommended remember you're going to

a wedding not a Tom Selleck convention

you want your facial hair to say I'm so

busy I only had time to shave everywhere

but this part of my face now let's talk

grooming it's just as important to smell

good as it is to look good

cologne is most effective when used

right after taking a shower the key is

to not use too much though a good rule