Bachata Beginner Basic Steps Tutorial - Demetrio & Nicole - Bachata Dance Academy

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hey what's up guys dimitri rosario here

and Nicole Thompson from bachata Dance

Academy we're making this video just so

you can learn your basic steps whether

you're starting off by chapter for your

first class or first time or you're

gonna go take a lesson this is probably

the best video to start off with so

let's begin tapping left we're gonna

start our basic step slowly we're gonna

go one two three four five six seven one

more basic three steps and eight tap and

three steps and up tap freeze here some

small details as you're doing your basic

step tip number one is that you want to

take small steps you don't want to let

the lady go first and then your body's

like following right after yeah so don't

lead with the leg keep the legs under

the body the whole time nice and small

diggy diggy diggy to go to tip number