How To Waltz Dance For Beginners - Waltz Box Step

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hello my name is Leon and this is Kim

and right now we're going to be teaching

you how to waltz okay the waltz is a

classic ballroom dance that travels

around the room and it's a known for

it's one two three counts so you're

going to be counting one two three one

two three all the time throughout so I'm

gonna show you the first move which is

the Box step that is the main basic step

off the walls and we're all gonna do

together so I want you to join us at

home and do it with us right here we're

gonna back the camera so you can see it

better and so both Kim and I are gonna

be right here so guys you can follow me

ladies follow Kim we're gonna do the Box

step starting to go forward with the

left so we're gonna have our left foot

free we're gonna go forward left side