Cape Breton Step Dance Lesson with Sabra MacGillivray: Basic Reel Step Vlog 6

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hi there I'm Sabra McGilvery I'm a

Highland dancer and step dancer from

here in Nova Scotia and today I'm gonna

teach you the basic real step so this is

the step that everybody should really

know if they want to learn this style of

step dancing the style that we do here

in Cape Breton and in the surrounding

areas once you know this step then

you're going to be able to learn

hundreds of other steps because there's

so many different variations that come

from this basic real step sometimes

referred to as the hop so it's early

October here and we're just getting

geared up for our international the

Caldecott colours international festival

so this is the place to be for the next

ten days if you're a lover of Celtic

music and dance and language and all

that sort of thing so if you find