Beginner's Guide: How To Salsa Dance (No Experience Needed)

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hello and welcome to this video my name

is Leon and this is Kim and we're from

passion for dancing calm where we teach

people how to dance

online with videos and today we're going

to teach you how to dance the salsa so

you if you're a beginner and you don't

know how to do any salsa at all

this video is for you so in this video

we're just gonna cover the two most

fundamental salsa basic steps the basic

step forward and back as well as the

side basic step and then we're gonna put

them in a combo together so let's get to


alright so we're gonna start with the

first fundamental salsa basic step right

now we're gonna do it with you and we

want you to follow with us from home as

we do it so just get off your couch and