LEARN an EASY Irish Jig Step for St. Patrick's Day #WatchMEjig

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hi everyone my name is Kasey Costello

I'm a TC RIT with coastal erosion at

school in Montreal Canada in this video

you'll learn a simple but impressive

step so that you can thrill your friends

on st. Patrick's Day as they want you JT

to begin you're going to roll with your

shoulders back and place your arms by

your side then place your heels one next

to the other and your toes point

outwards right toes and point right left

toes point left the last step is you're

going to step your right foot in front

of your left foot like this number one

place your right foot on the side for to

step in the back for three and you

always remember step four five six seven

let's try that again

starting with your right foot in front

one two three go top two three four five