How to smug dance on Nintendo switch tutorial (A Hat in time)

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hey guys so today I'm gonna be showing

you how to smugness in the head time on

the Nintendo switch version so basically

I I'm right now using this see it seal

the deal DLC basically right now because

I don't think it actually works without

the DLC like I don't think it actually

works and so yeah you can already tell

by the closes head that kid is just

wearing so let's just get started by

this so first of all you need to get

your left joique on as you can see right

there you're gonna need to click the up

and down arrow right at the same time

and the results should be this she's so

darn cute isn't she so there you have it

this video was too short and if it

doesn't work to you I think you need the

DLC because I don't think it works

without the DLC honestly so yeah that's