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what is up you guys it's Ariana and for

today's video I will be showing you guys

how to dance cumbia I'm gonna be doing a

cumbia tutorial for you guys my last two

videos I just have like the AVO and how

to do cumbia web but you should

definitely check it out and like like it

also comment down below if this video

helped you because I like to know I got

a lot of feedback and you guys seem to

really like them so thank you anyway

yeah this is gonna started so guys so I

don't have a partner to do this with so

like we're just gonna imagine I have a

dance partner okay but the easiest way

you can do cumbia is you're gonna pull

one leg

you're gonna go back and then up then

the other leg you're gonna go back and

then up so let me show you this way back

you're gonna go like it's like you're