Beginners Bellydance Tutorial | By Leilah Isaac

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hi everyone welcome to this belly dance

beginners workout so in a lot of my

workouts I do some moves that could be

advanced and a lot of you have been

asking me if I could slow down a bit

I don't teach you how a beginner plus we

kind of go so what we're going to be

doing is doing a bit of a stretch kind

of workout it is full fat burning

workouts do arm using knife and getting

through the rhythms and getting on

highway backache didn't worry about

letting will be burning calories as we

go along get a workout and before we

begin I just wanna let you know that I

do classes in London right now I'm

flooring and you can buy these hip stuff

on my website

they're linked to be below can also

subscribe on my website to loads of news

and events that are going to be coming