How to do a Quick 8 Count Dance Routine (Hip Hop Dance Moves Tutorial) | Mihran Kirakosian

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hey guys welcome back to another

tutorial my name is Miran kara Koshien

today's tutorial is going to be a little

different I'm going to teach you guys a

quick 8 count so I've done some of these

steps individually and you can see the

links in the description box if you have

a hard time with the combo but if you're

good to go let's not waste any time and

start on this quick eight count ok guys

so this is a quick eight count combo you

can use this anywhere you like let's get

started here we go we're going to start

profile you're going to step back with

the left leg okay so you're here take a

little step back stay on your toes left

legs and then you're going to turn

around off of your left shoulder and put

your right knee down here okay let's try

that again together five six seven eight