Beginner 1970s Disco Dance class - learn some steps from the 70s

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so the first thing we're getting started

is our disco finger okay so put put your

one hand on your hip you can do this

either way we're going to just go high

and just go low and just go high and low

so this is our discount senior boom boom

there's just go finger and you can

double it you can go with both fingers

you go with one finger or if we do a

double up up down down up down up down

yeah back there just go figure and then

you can do the double point that I set

up and one two one two one two one two

okay and then the other part of it is we

want to add our hips as well because we

use our hips a lot in the 70s because it

was starting to be more like using that

hips that's taboo so they really want to

show off those hips okay they have tight

pants on and show off it yes so as we

put our finger up we shoot side them to