Learn to Dance Four Count Hustle Vol. 1

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hello my name is Joe Baker and I will be

one of your guides on this video the

four count hustle also called the four

count swing is a very easy dance to

learn this dance uses the same steps and

figures as the three count hustle or the

New York style hustle the only thing

that changes is the footwork timing in

this dance you simply step on each beat

of the music you can count the music and

the step timing one two three four one

two three four it's just like marching

the steps are often called out forward

back together forward the four count

hustle is perfect for fast disco music

and for techno beat music hello my name

is Joe and my name is Sarah welcome to

our four count hustle instructional

video we're going to get started right

away so clear a place to practice we'll

be right back in a moment