How to Breakdance | 3 Step | Footwork 101

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what's up this is b-boy we've insanity

and today we're going to learn the three

step so three step is a foundational for

step that involves three steps we're

gonna learn it to the left because ask

the way I do my footwork but if you're

right-handed you could also do it the

opposite way which is the same exact

step so when we learned our three steps

we're gonna keep it in a square

meaning you either gonna face this way

the front this way or the back just to

keep it organized so we're going to

start off in a push-up position

like this you step out with your left

foot and face this way one from here

you're going to switch your legs to and

you're going to turn over it to a

push-up position left hand three you're

going to repeat that four times you're

going to go to the front one two turn to