Basic Hip hop / Club Dance Moves For Beginners I Club Dance Tutorial part2

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hi and welcome to another tutorial my name is Monika Matys and today I'll

teach you three basic hip hop moves. This video is a part of the hip hop dance

series so if you like to see more videos just like this one please give this

video a thumbs up and subscribe. At the end of this video I'll show you how to

combine the moves in a little mini routine so you know how to transition

between them. Let me show you the moves with the music first and then I'm gonna

break them down. Ok guys first move we're going to lift each knee two times

so I want you to start with the knees slightly bent shift the weight onto your

left leg right knee will go up two times up down up then we're going to shift

weight onto the right foot left is free to move we're going to lift it twice up

down let's try to do it for the full eight count starting with right knee

five six seven here we go one two three four right knee five six seven eight

remember you don't have straight legs you're not standing on the straight leg

is going to be hard to balance like you just saw, knees are slightly bent and

then you can stay on the same level up we're going to add a knee bend so we're

going to be dropping the body every single time the foot goes up so we have

a little bounce with it so if we are lifting right foot you're going to bend

the standing knee either standing like so left knee will go forward two times

you see how I just brought my body down on the same exact beat at the very same

same time as you're lifting right foot let's try it again five six seven eight

one two then shift weight onto your right leg left is free to move we're