Just Dance 2017: Demo Download Tutorial [US]

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hey guys Sandia from Sam and Nia Channel

we are going to step you guys to the

process of downloading the free demo of

Just Dance 2017 on your smartphone and

your Wii U device first you're going to

want to turn on your Wii U device and

game pad and make sure your phone and

console are connected to the same Wi-Fi


once logged in click the intend o a shop

on the gamepad once a shop has loaded

clicking the search box in the upper

right hand corner and search just dance

2017 a new screen will pop up confirming

your search results click anywhere on

that screen a new screen will pop up in

which you'll select the option to

download the demo and follow the prompts

to download the demo app once the

download is finished on the WiiU mini

screen the just dance 2017 icon box will