How To Two Step Dance - Basic 2 Step

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hey guys Anthony and Clarissa here today

we're going to be teaching guys the

basic step of the two-step no two step

is the most popular of all the country

dances is when you'll definitely want to

know anywhere there's country music

there's gonna be the two-step so here's

the first thing we've got to do with -

Stefen okay so I'm gonna have you guys

start by holding hands like this it

keeps a little space in between the two

of you so he doesn't step on her feet

quite as much right all I'm gonna have

you guys doing to learn the basic is

just walking in a straight line okay

now leaders and all dances all the times

you're gonna start with your left foot

first followers gonna start with the

right can you tell them why that is

because we're always right because the

ladies are always right so what we're