How to dance the Jitterbug - 1940s style

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here there and everywhere the stamping

foot of the boogie piano player sets the

tempo for nimble feet that dance the


winner of more than a hundred rope

cutting contests is arthur paws

top-flight epic at the dance these kids

are doing a strictly modern yet many

swings that's come from dances of long

ago for instance the quick stop that

movement started way back in the days

when men were men even if they did

rarely scoffs and fancy pants it went

like this it was called the curtsy the

gay old waltz has also contributed steps

to the jitterbug of today oh yes how I

used to do this step before my joints

began to creak and here the same

footwork stepped up into jitterbug tempo

yes even the ballet adds its bit and on

a battle any ballerina who denies it the