How to Cut Extruded Aluminum Profiles. Are Aluminum Cutting Blades Worth It?Miter Saw or Band Saw

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hi this is Tim and today I'm going to

show how to cut extruded aluminum or

well we're going to try to cut extruded

aluminum fatter we have a bandsaw that

we used to cut it on and I mean it cut

horribly crooked and then we have this

14 inch smaller saw here that does a

decent job but still doesn't do as good

as the factory cuts we see so we just

broke down and bought this aluminum

cutting blade and we're gonna see how

much difference it actually makes in the

cut quality on this saw now no one did

sponsor this blade I wish they would

have because we just forked out $150 for

it but we're gonna do a cut with the

bandsaw cut with this like it currently

is and a cut with the new blade and see

just which one does best

and yes just for the peanut gallery I

did unplug it before we started




Wow worth the money



we made some sample cuts and I have to

say obviously we already knew you can

probably see this without a square but

we'll put a square on it in a second the

bandsaw just looks absolutely horrible

here's a factory cut and here is a

current situation you see the burrs and

that's what we're trying to trying to

get rid of but amber has the absolute I

mean just a beautiful cut and we're

gonna go inside and show a little more

of these



but this video has been helpful we've

certainly learned a whole lot about

cutting extruded aluminum I'll put a

link to book the soul and the blaze

we're using cos there's no death that

combination makes a spectacular cut till

next time yeah

and so we finally forked out the money

Cricut put them on a note telling ya the

trick is to talk in that be screaming

right screaming during the hi this is

Tim and this is amber of TW controls we

run the automation store be sure to

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