How to make decals stickers with Silhouette Cameo 3 and Oracal 651 Vinyl

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What's up YouTube today, I'll be showing you how to make custom vinyl decals just like these ones

Or just like this other one that I made on my other video

You're going to need is some vinyl some transfer tape

you can use a pair of scissors, but I like to use a paper trimmer, so everything's perfectly straight a

squeegee a

Picker tool and of course a vinyl cutter this one. I'm using is a silhouette cameo 3

So the program that I'm using is the silhouette studio

Which came standard with my?

Silhouette Cameo 3 you can actually download it on the silhouette America website for free if you want to just practice

But um. This is a design that I've already had

designed previously if

You want to just take an image from the internet and

learn how to

how to trace it you can go ahead and watch my other video on how to make decals using the trace feature

in cutting mat that comes with the silhouette is 12 inches wide and 12 inches tall I

like to use this paper trimmer to

just cut a

Portion of the vinyl that's just about the same size as the silhouettes cutting that

The cutting mat has a tacky surface, so it holds the vinyl in place while the machine is

Cutting your design so make sure that you line up the

vinyl on the mat pretty evenly on the

Borders so your design doesn't get messed up when it cuts out the the edge of it

Also make sure that you have it stuck on the cutting mat so that

It doesn't slide around while the blades trying to cut a fine design, it's now that it's ready to

Insert into the machine just load it

And pull your design up

Go over to send

Make sure that you press this cut

Button um I like to use ratchet blade

Make sure you select vinyl glossy if that's what you're cutting

My settings on Oracle 651 I do like to use



Ten for force this is how how deep the needle goes into the binding so to make sure you don't pierce through?

Even the the backing of it, um. Those are the settings I like to use on this specific vinyl which is Oracle 651

Click send

What I like is the Cameo actually gives you an idea of the estimated time on how look the jobs gonna take

So like right now. I can actually go ahead and do laundry and just come back to this when its done.

Now that it's done. I even got a load of laundry done.

Let's go ahead and pull it off the mat

So now that the vinyl has been cut we want to weed out what we don't want and what we want to stay


Now that we've weeded out what we don't want we can go ahead and put transfer tape on this and make some decals

So what I like to do is actually

Cut the transfer tape just like how I do the vinyl and lay it down flat on the table make sure you

spread it as evenly as you can as flat as you can to avoid any wrinkles on the decal and

I like to tape the corners, so

It stays down

then you take your

Design, and you just lay it down slowly from the middle

Starting from the center press outwards outwards from the center just

Gently no need to press on it hard yet, but so once you have it

Back upside down this way

you can go ahead and take your squeegee and

Get all the air bubbles out starting from the center again

start doing it lightly to

make sure

you get the bigger air pockets out and

Then you can start pressing on it harder and harder

Once you're done getting all the air bubbles out the next thing you want to do is

Trim them all this extra transfer tape sticking now

Once you're done trimming the edges now. It's time to cut the sheet into several decals

And that is how you make decals