Using the cricut Maker for car decals // transfer paper // oracal 651 and 631 permanent vinyl

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what's up everybody alright so today

sorry about the camera movement we are

going to use the cricket maker to use

some car to make car decals okay

and so if you guys are like your areas

mess I would say yes it is it's very

much a mess but don't forget to

subscribe don't forget to like also

don't forget to like hit the bell my

hair is a mess my beards a mess that's

that's alright we're gonna work through

it alright so what I'm gonna do is you

guys probably won't be able to see that

on here but I'm just going to tell you

what's going on so we're gonna use the

Cricut design and instead of putting one

of the logos on 6 by 6 and 6 by 6 and 6

by 6 and there's a lot of wasted room on

there and I have the paint board so it's

just a little bit more stickier than the

blue if you will so what I'm gonna do is

I have now 6 emblems that I'm going to

use and I rearranged them on my page

like this so then it kind of doesn't

waste any space which I can kind of show

you guys today what you're going to need

is I did some Oracle 6:51 white you'll

notice on the back that that does have a

grid line there now the grid line part

does go down because this is really

really sticky stuff it's probably gonna

end up on the back of here but it also

helps me from it moving so let's go

ahead and kind of go down if you guys

are tuning in you guys more than welcome

to chat and let me know what you guys

are where you guys read and what you

guys are up to

alright so what I'm gonna do I cannot do

this without any music I need some kind

of music and let's see what kind of

music do I have today let's turn on some

some old music little track music

alright let's do this here or call 651

it's a good product I like or call 651

maybe you guys have something that you

guys use let me know what you guys

using out there it may be different all

right so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna

go ahead over to my app and then I'm

gonna go ahead and hit I'm gonna see if

I can bring you guys in leather focus


okay camera focus all right not sure if

it's gonna focus or not but what I'm

gonna do is I'm gonna make this a box

like this over everything and I'm just

gonna hit the hit the thing that says

attach down at the bottom okay got that

alright so then what I'm gonna do is I'm

hit though Ord make and it's gonna say

Matt previews and use another project is

ready on the mat the same replace

alright now here's the thing about heat

transfer vinyl versus the 651 vinyl you

have to understand that anything that

you're gonna put on the window is going

to be transferred over with some

transfer paper which means that you

don't need to flip it backwards any

longer does that make sense so you're

gonna actually have it straight on so

what we're gonna do is we are going to

go ahead and hit continue and this one

goes down to 10 and just but I'm not

going to cut out that 10 inches and just

in case it goes over a little bit or

whatever the necessary arrangement is so

then what I'm gonna do is actually I'm

going to Center this Center eyes this in

the middle and how I do that is I just

grab it on the green sheet here when

it's in the making process hit make and

this is going to be different vinyls so

I'm gonna you're gonna have to cut

through this just a little bit deeper so

let's see I would like to go ahead and

put vinyl so it's good the pressure is

gonna be a little bit harder down so

it's gonna be vinyl

let me go back to that yeah let's do

vinyl let's see what happens to this so

then we're gonna go on over but a boom

mother bean we're gonna put it on our

machine run it ride that ride and then

what we're gonna do is we're gonna head

back over and we're gonna let that now

you'll hear that

making in the background so in the

meantime in the meantime hopefully you

guys are having a good day

I'm making a ton of shirts and the

shirts are gonna say love like this for

us Michiganders out here if you guys

can't see it this way here so take a

look at that so we're doing that and

then now I have to lead this for my my

shirts and it's Lake hair don't care so

let's go ahead and weed this why this is

a process and real quick I got these

this is like one of the tricks of the

trade then I found out that helps me out

these are actually cutting boards from

the dollar store like these little

plastic things they were great for a

cutting year or for like a area that I

can weed out so let's go ahead and do

some weeding I had too much vinyl up

you're done alright

can never have enough vinyl and

hopefully you guys are having a great

day so Brooke back on here I'm like such

a normal person I wouldn't say cheap but

frugal would be a good word just never

know when you might need some extra

vinyl so it's cut up and around this

weekend oh my goodness I was wasting so

much vinyl I wasn't cutting anything out

like this at the time I was doing a

shirt order and 25 shirts to do got no

video of it of course

should've had a video of it okay mommy

so alright this doesn't look like much

right looks like what are you doing Eric

but this is actually it doesn't go over

there black goes over here and actually

that's gonna help me later down the way

and if I need something I can go to my

scrap pile and I can go ahead and grab

that out so now let's go ahead and I

really do need a work surface light I

know everybody uses those like sketch

pants or whatever I don't want to

looking straight into that to the light

like that to be honest with you I I'm a

window cleaner so I own the window

cleaning business so it's uh I'm looking

at the light anyways all day off the

glass so it's already bad enough for me

we're gonna go ahead and tweet this out

let's go ahead and get some let's go

ahead and get some

Facebookers on so we can have them

chiming in - let's make some our decals

we're doing right now it's on the



what's up everybody yeah who's calling

why they're callin but not today jr. not

today I probably end up trying to call

back here in just a second but I know

this is the view that Facebook is gonna

have and this is the view that YouTube's

gonna have so let's do this I'm

finishing a project right now hold on


Oh Facebook we got to let you go I'll be

back in just a minute it won't let me it

will not want me to Facebook and my

Cricut machine at the same time we're on

business now all right let's just keep

weeding about that system run hopefully

you guys are having a great day out


why is my Cricut machine stopped it's a

no bueno situation here just can't stop

we got to keep moving I hope I didn't

jar it from being on

Facebook live that would be just pretty

disappointing there we go and that took

a while didn't it what's going on all

right so now we're just weeding out a

different project this is Lake hair

don't care

shirt that was highly recommended to the

booth and sought after

I have 15 shirts that need to have this

thing on it which is cool because this

thing is small enough that I can fit 2

on a 12 by 12 roll now I also can do a

24 by 12 which will be nice if I wanted

to do three at a time or four at a time

or whatever it is I need it work light

over here so bad all right let's go

ahead and weed the rest of this out

let's get some music I'm like a music

kind of guy hopefully you guys had a

good Martin Luther King game yesterday

today is Tuesday here in Michigan it is

freezing cold

yesterday was around 5 degrees today

around 20 and tomorrow I'm supposed to

be in the 50s and that's just the way

Michigan is it doesn't have no rhyme or

reason so if you were to come to

Michigan make sure you bring a winter

jacket pair of shorts and a jacket and

maybe some flip-flops who knows

all right let's see max my cut is

complete now that I don't hear my

machine going crazy back there and then

we'll jump back on live Facebook and

then I can share that I do have a page

that I can share with you guys over here

on YouTube I got text messages coming in

alright Facebook I have a Facebook page

that it's gonna be designated I have a

lot of questions coming in so alright

here we go

Lake Harry don't care boomba beam by the

way the guys are just jumping on the the

shop is going good the the little shop

that I have it was not open last Friday

due to sprinkler system failure so the

fire department did not open them up so

no big deal they're gonna be opening

this Friday so which I was so happy

because I had my lo mein last weekend

there's just it would be so bored and

being starting out I mean it really

needed it and by the way I ordered cards

for for this business today yesterday

and I didn't get him so I'm I should

probably call them know when a be

alright so let's go ahead know if I have

any question alright doesn't look but

let's go home Facebook

let's make card details

let's go ahead oh yeah I gotta do it

like this start video and I have to turn

it sideways real quick all right what's

going on Facebook live we got YouTube

live over here and Facebook live over

here alright so we're gonna make some

car decals today and that is not a good

way to start it out okay so hold on one

second I think I got a better tool for

this I think I got some better tools to

get it out the damn paper so let's get

this out the paper

um Adam I got you bro you need one for

the back here truck I get a hold of me

and we will get you all together buddy

Adam just on Facebook line he said he

needed at car detail and this is

up like piece of yes use my


sorry about that be a family watching

but this is gonna have to be what in the


all right so let's just keep it on the


maybe it's easier you're doing that way

mind you I've never done these before

but I gotta learn quick because I have a

shop that's opening up and we have now

I've done one for my pickup truck and

it's huge they're very very big but I've

not done ones very small like tiny ones

that you would want to put in on your

vehicle which I'll show you guys here

are trees and let me show you this all

learning process for me here now this is

Oracle 651 okay and this stuff here is

way better compared to the other stuff

that I am I don't know what I got myself

into on that other stuff cuz this

that was terrific okay let me show you

what I had let me go ahead here you guys

you guys go down man let's see I want

you guys can see what's going on to my

cookies I the way there we go okay let

me just weed this out here this one is

cool this one is what you guys will see

let me just kind of present this to you

guys and show you guys what I'm kind of

doing here

you guys probably can't even see what

I'm doing all right so let's go ahead

I'm weeding this out and this is like

the fun part about making t-shirts is

the weeding part said no one ever

it was this is never fun but I'm telling

you or assisting one man this is weeding

so easily my gosh I'm loving it

okay so I've done one for the back of my

pickup truck

real simple letters nothing too crazy

but this is a little bit more detailed

work and this 651 is by far amazing that

other junk I might as well throw it away

or something I don't know what the heck

I'm gonna do with it hey the other

stuffs no it's horribly so hopefully you

guys having a good day okay so I got

that off there this is what it looks

like okay so I'm gonna gonna cut these

down but I need to get this off of here

and so maybe this is an easier easier

way to get it off now let's just you

know what let's just that let's just

just not mess around yeah tons more by


so let's just feel bad let's peel back

would feel bad let's peel it let's see

what the outcome is maybe not used such

a damn strong as board the next time

maybe I will use my

my green one or my blue one maybe that's

what's gonna have to happen okay okay I

need to get this work station though you

got it better what's going on bland

alright let's see so I got that and

let's go ahead and cut these out

okay so I'm cutting them out too like

this this length here and same thing now

the next time I might just do four on a

piece of paper there so it's easier to

cut out and I'll tell you why here in

just a second actually this probably not

gonna work out we're just we're just

learning here let's just learn together

just to learn together this is for the

back of your car so it's this home to


yeah this is too close it's alright it's


here's that one here's this one just

leave like that and then same thing here

little boom Butterbean okay now what I'm

gonna do is I'm gonna get rid of all

this stuff so now I have all these

different little tiny papers okay so I

have the one with a little gun on it and

the mittens holding the glove okay so

now what we're gonna do and I had to

modify all these things that I have so

I'm going to take this transfer paper


I'm gonna cut it like this and then what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna lay it right

over top and then what I'm gonna do is

I'm gonna lay it right over top like so

and then what I'm gonna do is I'm going

to trim out is I'm going to trim out

very carefully around dad just still

keeping some blue around the edges so it

had just still keeping some blue around

the edges so it has something to stick


and then what I'm gonna do is I'll take

my little like so and I will like so and

I will definitely be doing these so this

is a nice test round but now what from

here you're gonna go ahead and it will

transfer you should transfer over to

this paper let's just do a fun one for

you guys

transfer over get rid of this paper and

so now it's on here and now we can put

it on a piece of glass like your car or

something but what we can it what can we

put it on oh look at this let's just put

it on this thing this is my bin alright

and then I'm just gonna put it on here

like so

we're gonna put it down our my little

pen after this this bin is empty we're

actually gonna I use it for and you can

put this on a window or you get out of

here whatever you have so if you have a

saying or like something that you always

say and you wanted some motivation let

me know and I can go ahead and get you

the saying on here for you guys so it

could go on there and then all I'm gonna

do is I'm gonna peel this away just like

so and you can see it and it's crooked

but really who cares because this is a

garbage can but it would take a lot more

time if it was on going on a house or on

a window for your car decal and things

like that but there you go so I saw

those for five bucks so if you need

something let me know

but yeah so let's go ahead and do the

next one so let's do the Michigan one

and if you guys are getting transfer

paper okay if you guys are getting

transferred paper I highly recommend

that you go ahead and get the six inch

this is six inch by a hundred yards but

you don't need I mean goodness gracious

you don't need that much probably get

bless if you're just doing it around the

house we can get a hundred all right

Jenna last year for a while I needed it

because this won't last me but probably

half a month if that

so no cutting out the Michigan

he says home on there let make it look

nice and neat

now when I say I'm not going to cut it

out like this the next time what I mean

by that I'll show you

where's mine why it's always nice to

have a nice area alright so then I'm

gonna go ahead what I'm doing is I'm

taking this part that says home okay

which look like this just a moment ago

like this you tube like this okay now I

put the transfer sheet over top of it


doesn't roll like this sometimes they

have some lines on it so you can see now

I'm doing is I'm taking my squeegee okay

now it looks clean and squeegee for

English squeegee and I am reading this

wah wah you're not going hardcore this

real sleep motion okay if you will and

then what you're going to do is let's

use this on something what can we use

this on let me get something what do I

add that okay put this well hell let's

go back to the same thing I guess oh

yeah I got an idea we've got a cha I got

a little chalkboard here so let's just

go ahead and cut this chalkboard open

this is just a chalkboard I have laying

around and you all know crafting thing

like I do you just never know okay so

what we're going to do is we'll put it

like in the corner so you can still do

some writing on it so let's go ahead and

just peel this back I'll peel it on a

flat surface and this will be really

nice for by your for your car window or

something like that okay what's going on

here okay and then now what I'm gonna do

so I'm gonna take my time on this one

here for a second and I'm gonna try to

get it up on here to the corner so you

can still write and you guys can't see

it nor you guys so this is horrible

videoing alright so just like this now

you see lines going across but those

lines won't be there when we get this

squeegee on get all the bubbles out if

there's any public this paper that I use

is transfer papers pretty amazing so

normally don't have any problems with it

alright let me just say that now I'm

having a problem with it I'm just


okay thumb here too

alright so then I'm gonna peel back okay


capture in this here

that little tiny part of the eve gave me

a little bit of trouble but no problem

now there you go it's on a little

chalkboard there that is here if you

spray if you spray your car windows or

whatever with a little water you can

adjust the sticker yeah you can adjust

it pretty well and it will stick right

on there ah Dan had just said absolutely

alright so there you go so we have a

chalkboard you can go ahead and write

whatever you know if you have a short

grocery list here or something

I wouldn't use chalk chalk I would use

those markers with fine pen pen chalk

markers is what they they're what

they're called is I'm like that but

that'd be cute in a log cabin or

something be fun

leave a little message for your loved

one or whatever but there's that so

let's go ahead don't tape another one up

this one here is the one Michigan hey

wait we have yeah okay let's do this one

low l.o.v.e which is the Michigan let's

go ahead and do this one transfer paper


we won't need a

these are nice I call them smalls

because I'm able to get small amount of

money for these these are something that

people can come up to the booth and grab

and go so if they don't have 20 bucks or

they don't wanna or 25 bucks for a shirt

they don't want to do it whatever and

then we want

whatever but they still don't want

something from the booth they can take

these home for five bucks and away you


and again I'm not doing this on their

card the light and then I'm gonna go

ahead and I can cut this out it's being

a little stubborn hey aren't we a little

stubborn sometimes

all right just like so so quiet in here

I hate quiet all right

so there we go now what we can do let's

find something that we can stick on on

this I didn't think about hey you should

probably have something I don't know

what do we want to stick on this I'm

looking around for something I can put

this on um maybe I'll just keep this one

for sales I don't know now let's put it

on something hold on let me let me find


what could I put it on put it on this

see what we're going Mike and we're all

gonna learn some things now don't it

won't go in cans too big Oh took all my

chalkboards over to the dang

I'll hell with it you know what we'll do

I know what we'll do oh sorry about

that bomb alright I'll just do a piece

of paper like this and then this will be

kind of like an idea of what I have so

they can be like I want number one or

number three or number ten okay so let's

go ahead and do this we're gonna go

ahead I'll just having some fun tonight

are we it's been super cold here in

Michigan don't know if it's been cold

where you guys are supposedly we're have

50 degree day tomorrow which is just

Michigan if you've ever been to Michigan

you understand this is a good idea so

then people will be like it

now if the damn thing comes off the

paper that we off the transfer papers

what I mean try working I think it's

like cardboard paper it's like a hard

stock paper

that works so let's do that what's a gun

104 me get some paper on you this would

be fun for the people cuz then I can

just go ahead and look at it and say

yeah I'll take I'll take one of those I

like how you guys around here with me in

this learning learning part let's go

ahead and because we're going on because

we're going on the board right away I

don't have to worry about making it all

look all that pretty as it's coming up

cuz it's just gonna come right out it's

like so so now we transferred it over

I'm gonna transfer it over to the board

here I go over with a squeegee just for

a second

you guys have horrible people they have

actually a great point it's actually

both Andy Wilson I gotta call you back

you called me today

all right so there we go god that's done

- so that's the Michigan mitten that's

holding there damn let's do we already

did law let's do the Michigan the oh one

I can do the little people on your back

window your like little family if you

want that done I can do those just let

me know I can do all kinds of crazy

stuff with this stuff I could do a whole

background for your business

obviously a lot more than five bucks

here okay in the same thing because it

is going on that cardboard paper I

really don't have to worry about cutting

the blue perfect if I was to you a card

stock on this so that they could take it

home and put on their own window I would

I have some squeegees coming too so then

that people can buy those squeegees as

well the sense of like I said it's just

going onto this paper we're just gonna

rip it right out just like so in the II

didn't give us a problem on that one

do this we're just gonna go ahead and

squeegee over and we're just gonna pull

this back and so this will be a good

indication of what we have so this is

like nice this is killing two birds in

one stone here take that off

so there you go this one it says home

and so now I can set that up as said

when you want number one two or three

which one of these would you like and

I'll have another one down here in the

bottom right hand corner so there before

and this will be I'll just put five

dollars you can have any one of these

that you want for five bucks or do

something too for a doors open oh no

probably not

Kylie just five bucks apiece all right

so there we go

I have a shirt I got to do tonight we're

going to do a Bella canvas black large

shirt I've been doing in the home we do

this is kind of sick right this is kind

of cool I'll take it there sell that for

five bucks T or eight bucks I don't care

all right let's go ahead you get this

print let me set you guys up over here

so you guys can see what the heck I'm

doing video in there great job great job

I like how you video in said no one ever

this is way too damn shaky alright and

you guys can just flick around here

mm there we go and make blue this cheer

out of the way so we are at we're gonna

take this shirt up to 3 to 3 hundred

thirty degrees and we're gonna press it

down for 15 seconds but we're gonna take

the moisture out of the shirt first so

let's go ahead and get that going once

it gets to it's a 103 degrees right now

but once it gets to I don't know let's

say 200 degrees 225 something like that

I like that go ahead take the moisture

out so the love that you guys you guys

seem on there on the little board is now

going to also be on a shirt so we're

going to throw it right here on the

shirt now I'm also going to I

these are cutting boards they use them

for my my weeding air is and so what I

can do is you can take this stuff

reverse it

okay if you will and you can put it on

the back of here you'll reverse it on

the yeah on the 6:51 and you can do a

cool little cutting board if you will

like this so there's all kinds ideas

your mind can go crazy actually if you



stoked so much final I've got 13 more

rolls coming I don't know what I keep

buying this for Oh cuz I got a

business now alright so love and then

home in it but then I figured you know

what if I want to wear wear like some

missus like home in like little girlier

writing but it's something I can do so

I'm gonna take the moisture out now

we're almost at 200 degrees I'm just

gonna go ahead and press it I don't know

seven signs something like that just to

get the moisture out we're taking the

moisture other than the shirt it's gonna

be a lot easier to go ahead set this

down and init.d wrinkles it too so now

what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take this

and avoid the sticky side so don't put

sticky side to sticky side but what I'm

doing is I'm creating a middle for my

for my work so I know where the middle


I'm going to do three finger links below

the neck collar one two three

as soon as that gets heated up we are

ready to let this shirt right perfect

and this may actually become my shirt

come on we're size large now I'm getting

fat by the minute here and if this stays

on I'll show you

yeah so this is what it will look like

turn around here pretty quick I should

have turned that waiting for that press

to eat up and they're not gonna get off

here because I got a bunch more shirts

to get a new I have 36 shirts I got a

new before Friday

36 hi everybody in the facebook world

over here let me see if there's any

questions over here I don't even know

how I got to him the last time I'll be

honest with you could they have you guys

all on what's it let's see I'll just

leave it wait

we'll even go on here I can see

everybody messaging this is like

watching water boil so I set the shop up

just to kind of talk to you guys why

this thing is loading I'm I don't need

TQ games over here you guys have the

best view over here of everything but so

the shop was supposed to open last

Friday didn't the sprinkler systems

failed for the fire department

the fire department came in is like no

way I'm absolutely not you guys can't

open so the owner of the building

started to do some more work on it and

all the vendors are like oh no we're not

opening and I'm over here going yes

we're not opening and the reason I was

so excited that we weren't opening is

because my son was with me and he's six

and he doesn't want to be there every

weekend and I'm not gonna be there every

week and I'm gonna be there every other

weekend and then on the weekends I'm

with my son I will go up there for a few

hours on Sunday and be up there all day

Friday until I get him and then that's

it and Saturday we may pop her head in

there for an hour or something but I

don't want to take that time away from

my son because it had a good idea and

wanted to open a shirt business don't

have that quality time with them because

that's more important than any Canon

money to me we're gonna let this set for

a 12 or 15 seconds let's let this ride

you know this is a hot peel so we can

use peel is hot that's what that means

this is a hot peel what that means you

can peel it hot alright just took it off

so now we're gonna set it back down 15


I'm gonna show you guys this I'm gonna

hop off of here and let you guys go and

enjoy the rest of your evening cause

it's got I mean it's like a boring

episode boring episode air horn

especially the oh yeah like 48 minutes

of power all right there we go look at

that press you know you get a good press

when you can see the fabrics coming

through the vinyl itself love it there

we go so you guys can see super excited

love you guys thank you guys so much for

tuning in I really appreciate it this

one's probably gonna be mine see you

guys here and Facebook world YouTube

world thanks for everything thanks for

chiming in thanks for commenting let me

know what you guys do maybe you guys do

some different so maybe I can learn

something I need to learn as much as I

can possibly learn I'm uh when it comes

to window cleaning I'm still learning

power washing gutter cleaning I have a

nonprofit organization that I run to

that one let me post this upload so I do

that and then I have another company

coming out for like beard oil my brother

wanted to join in on that I don't know

what I feel about that it's gonna be

crazy I have too many things going on

right now too many too many things going

on in the kitchen I believe but

nonetheless we're gonna make it work

make it go and then that way we can have

a lot of funnels coming in so more

funnels the more money right but look at

this this this is cool

this is a good idea