Fastest Way to Cut Cast Iron Pipe

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want to learn the fastest way to cut

cast iron pipe find out how coming up

next what's going on guys kendo here for

vanozza pros and jose I mean you

simplified their innovation or modeling

process on this channel we do all things

renovation repair in real estate today

I'm going to be showing you the fastest

way to cut through cast iron pipe now if

you're in an area of the country where

there's lots of older homes then

frequently you're gonna run into

situations where the cast iron pipe and

a home or building has failed and when

that happens there's really no other

option other than to cut it out even if

you do a repair often this means that

you're gonna have to cut out sections or

portions of the cast iron drain system

or waste line in order to make the

repair complete so one of the things

that plumbers and handyman alike always

have to fight with it's going to be how

to cut through the cast iron pipe and

the best way to do this is up for debate

there's three typical ways that people

do it one way is using what's known as a

swirl pipe cutter this is an old method

it's a heavy piece of equipment that you

ratchet around the circumference of the

pipe and then you tighten it down and it

essentially it scores and breaks the

cast iron this is a great option if

you're going to be doing a ton of cast

iron cutting and the majority of it

being above-ground this tool probably

isn't going to be as effective for you

if you're having to do a lot of repairs

underneath the concrete or in crawl

spaces and things like that or you

happen to dig underneath the dirt

because you're going to get the chain

mechanism which is a major portion of

the tool you're going to get it all

gummed up with mud and crud and

everything like that

and there's better options out there so

if you're going to be cutting the

thousand-and-one pipes and you're going

to be doing it above-ground essentially

and you don't mind lugging the thing


you don't mind spending the money for

tool that does that the prices is up

there so I'll link that tool in the

description it's not something that I'm

going to be showing in today's video the

tools that we're gonna talk about today

are going to be the main ones that are

going to be considered by most

contractors okay

and so the two tools that we're going to

be talking about number one is going to

be the angle grinder with a metal cutoff

blade and the second option is going to

be a reciprocating saw with a metal

blade so these are our two options and

if you watch the beginning of the video

you know that I have a piece of old

authentic cast iron pipe right here on

the scene so I'm going to set this up

and get everything in place and then

we're gonna do some time trials and see

which one of these two options actually

cuts through the cast iron better go

ahead and make your predictions now my

prediction is going to be the

reciprocating saw with the cutoff blade

so I'm gonna set everything up get the


adjusted and then we'll go ahead and

shoot and do some time trials and see

which one of these options actually cuts

faster so stay tuned alright guys let's


first trial in three two one start



there we go those verbs

okay guys let's give this a second try


let's go three two one


alright guys that was 25 seconds so it

makes a big difference when you put two

hands on it



still the same it was 25 35 seconds is

the time to beat with the angle rider




alright alright alright

here we go guys




that was like two guys so that's about

the same time that you had got initially

whiskey certificate in football I

protected my technique a little bit so

let's see how much nails and good this












okay guys that's enough with the time

trial but did three trials of the

reciprocating saw with the metal cutting

blade and I did four or five trials with

the angle grinder or with the metal

cutoff blade and you tell me what you

think was the better tool for me it is

the reciprocating saw and specifically I

think it's this type of blade because I

work with a lot of different blades

before and this one seemed to cut

through a lot better

there were some other sticking points

and different sits between cutting

through that cast iron with the

reciprocating saw versus cutting through

with an angle grinder as you can see by

all my PPE and everything like that for

a full head up and review in comparison

between the angle grinder and the

reciprocating saw blades go to the nolza

pros and joes and check out the article

will be in the link in the description

box below along with information on all

of the gear and everything that you see

here in the video including the goggles

the the mask the reciprocating saw the

angle grinder and of course the blades

that's always thanks for watching and

I'll see you guys on the next one